Endorsed By

Scioto Peace and Justice of the Fellowship of Reconciliation  has organized the Walk To Stop Executions with four co-sponsors: Footprints For Peace, Ohioans to Stop Executions, Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio and the Intercommunity Justice & Peace Center

Endorsing Organizations

Miami Valley chapter of OTSE

Endorsing Individuals

Planning Committee:  Lorry Swain, (Chair) Eric O’Neil, Lee Blackburn, Jon Blickenstaff, Abe Bonowitz, Kunta Kenyatta, Allison Reynolds-Berry, Howard Tolley, Jim Toren

Connie Altman, State Representative Nickie J. Antonio, Dave and Charlotte Avolio, Marcia J. Buchard, Shane Claiborne, Bob and Patricia Clary, Ronald Collins, The Conroy Family, Vicki Crabtree, Larry Crane, Nick Daily, Marshall Dayan, Kathy Deemer, Jeffrey Ellis, Katie Evans, Maryellen Fargey, Andrew Feight, Mike Ferner, Jeff Gamso, Lois Gish and Tim Kraus, Joseph and Marilyn Glass, Amy Gordiejew, Andy Gryll, Robert J. Hadley, Peggy Hanna, Rev. Jeff Hood, Ethel Ingalls, Bill Joiner, Sr. Annie Klapheke, Sr. Andrea Koverman, SC, Noel Kupras-Bauer, T.J. Lawson, Pam Long, Frederick D Luther, Pat Marida, Gwen Mason, Martha P. May, Mike McCleese, Paulette Meier, Sr. Jean Miller, RL Mohl, Attorney Mike Mollica, The Rev. Deniray Mueller, Bonnie Neumeier, Peg O’Neil, David Orin, Susan M. and Jaime Pacheco, Bill Pelke, Ratna Pillai, Danielle M. Poe, Rosemary Poston, Sister Helen Prejean, Amy Rakowczyk, Judy Rollings and Dan Peitzmeyer, Katie Ruef, Guy Savastano, Dan Schneider, Dolores A. Schneider, Sarah Loar and Charles Seibert, Kathleen Shanahan, Sam Reese Sheppard,  Thelma and Sam Shirey, Jack Shuler, John R. Simon, Dorsey Stebbins, Martha Stephens, Bob Stoughton, Lynda and Stuart Smith, Stephanie Silver, Tom Tensing, Tristan Tillery, Nina Tolley, Beth Weinberger, Sonny Williams Family, Punch Woods,